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Sergeant Hall, Jesse E. Jr. and Angela Rae Hall

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Unseen Wounds Medal

For decades there has been many discussions on getting the Purple Heart Medal approved for our warriors with PTSD, Agent Orange, Severe Trauma or Training Accidents.

But the fact is: The Purple Heart Medal is only issued to those who were physically wounded or who have died at the hands of a hostile foreign country or force.

Our government should take into consideration these issues for those who have received these traumas.


Get the Unseen Wounds Medal “the Bleeding Heart” approved by Congress for our warriors. This would close this issue for good and allow our other wounded warriors a medal to display for the wounds they received.

I will suggest to Congress that anyone with a VA Service-Connected Disability of 30 to 100% should and would be eligible.

Thank you for your Honorable Service and understanding of this issue.

Sergeant Jesse E Hall Jr. and Angela R. Hall
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